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With nearly 50 years of fundraising consultation, knowledge, and proven results, Smart Fundraising is here to support all organizations no matter what size! We listen to you and your organization’s needs, and will work hard to build a fundraising program to help you exceed your financial goals.

What makes Smart Fundraising unique is that our passionate and experienced consultants guide you in deciding the best program or programs for your organization.

From Claire’s Gourmet desserts and Joe Corbi’s famous pizza kits that are available to Mid-Atlantic states, to our “countrywide” programs that can ship anywhere in the Continental United States, our goal is to make sure every organization is provided with the very best fundraising experience. Click below to find out more about our programs. We look forward to having you become part of our growing family at Smart Fundraising!

The Claire’s Gourmet elegant desserts, cookie dough, pizza and pretzels are hand selected for unmatched quality and exceptional value. The most successful product fundraisers are built on value and quality with customers coming back year after year to order their favorite treats and support their organizations. Claire’s Gourmet is the smart (and delicious) choice for your next product fundraiser. Everyone in the country celebrates holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter with a dessert. Let them purchase these delicious products from you instead of a store and watch your profits soar. Your customers can order year-round on our website and you receive the profit.

Please visit our website to learn more or call us at

Joe Corbi’s is the Original Pizza Kit Company!
We’ve been listening to our customers for 35 years now, and after all that time in the pizza and fundraising business, we take considerable pride in our ability to help make each and every experience with our product and service a memorable one.
After three plus decades, Joe Corbi’s continues to bring you the Best Pizza Kits ever. Each of our Classic 12” Pizzas and our single serve Joe Jr’s Pizzas come with our legendary family sauce, made with fresh Tomatoes and exclusive blend of spices.

Please visit our website to learn more or call us at

Snack Time / Popcorn

Popcorn is the most consumed snack in America by volume. 13 billion quarts are consumed every year. It is one of the most wholesome foods available. We combined over a dozen different popcorn flavors with gourmet Chocolates and sweets and yummy Cheese Spreads. It’s your one-stop Snack Shop!

This is a stress-free food fundraiser with gluten free options and high profits that can ship anywhere in the country!

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Classic Mini Cookies

The easy, tasty and NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED fundraiser can also ship to any state in the United States. Crispy, All-Natural & Dangerously Delicious. The original Classic Cookie recipe in bite-sized cookies, made with the freshest, all-natural ingredients, and baked to crispy perfection. Every cookie is loaded with chocolate chips, candies or nuts, depending on your choice of flavors. Each resealable tub is full of Baked Ready to Eat delicious mini cookies.

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Holiday Shop

Students love it…For many children, this may be the first time they experience the thrill of picking out their own holiday gifts for family and friends.

Parents love it…During the holiday season, parents can rest assured that their children will shop in a safe, non-commercial setting. Teachers love it… Your faculty can teach their students about budgeting while using practical math skills and spending wisely at the school holiday gift store, and emphasize the joy of giving.

Administrators really love it…The Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe is a popular family service that’s risk-free and easy to run for the PTA or PTO in the school!

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